Home is Where the Heart is

You often hear that saying and think of many places or your hometown. But in this case, I am talking about the home as a whole, how and why and not just where you raise your family.

Home to us simply means that I want my child to feel as though he had a wonderful childhood, as I have. I know when every season folds over each other; I distinctly remember moments of my childhood and well up with tears of joy. I miss those days! So, to reel back to the point, home really is where the heart lies. And it’s so important to put your kids first if you chose to be parents. I am speaking to myself here too!



Speaking about the home, school in my day was much different that school nowadays and, quite frankly, I don’t like it! Swain and I have been here for almost a year and still haven’t found a school that suits our fancy. We have been tossing around the idea of homeschool part-time but nothing seemed to add up. So, just last night he turns to me and says, ” Let’s just homeschool full-time.”


That’s when a sense of relief was lifted and I felt no more burdened by the assumption of my son’s lack of communication. After all, he’s only 5 and is involved in church groups anyway. No matter how you slice it, the home is where the teacher is! It doesn’t matter if the child is in school full time or homeschooled, the parents are the teachers. Moms and dads, you guys are the influence on their young minds 🙂



That being said, I am thrilled to start gather a curriculum, get local moms together for fun field trips, and just enjoy our children in a non-compromising setting. I am Christian mom so there are some aspects of the public school setting that we don’t agree with. And that’s ok!

Which brings me to my next point. As my husband and I made this decision, I decided to see if anyone else in the area has already formulated a group. To my surprise, I found outdated information or the nearest group of moms lived 2 hours north of me. So, I made my own group here. It is brand new so I am welcome all seasoned homeschooling moms and family’s to join me, add their input, and just help me tweak where necessary.


This is an open invite to all in Southern Maine that is interested in gathering our kids and taking field trips, going to the museums, exploring, library trips, or even just learning together one another’s homes!




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