We had a small, but major, hurricane sweep through our old New England town on Sunday night. It was truely ‘spooky’. We battled with no power two days.


Tuesday rolls around and we finally got the news- the deer tick was not infected. Reason to celebrate, right? Sort of.

The fight isn’t over and our lives are permanatly changed (for the greater!) because ticks carry a whole slew of diseases, not just the pathogens taht were tested.


We will continue to follow our strict routine (maybe not as strict) and pray and hope that in two months from now, when he gets tested, there are noe traces of anything.




My absence has made me a terrible blogging friend but I can assure you, it’s for a worthy reason. While I do most of my conversing over here , I occasionally jump on here to ‘air out my thoughts’. This time, it’s no laughing matter.


Just last week, my Eli encountered a tick on his scalp. We sent it to the specialists in another state, and they have determined it is a deer tick-the species that carries Lyme’s Disease. Upon finding the tick, we immediately took him to urgent care where they insisted that, according to CDC guidelines, no child under 9 years old will be given antibiotics and unless you have 5 factors when a blood screen is taken, you have no Lyme’s. Even if you have 4 strains of positive and full-blown symptoms. You can imagine my frustration when I couldn’t get a preventive for my son. Anyways, I wasted no time and took immediate holistic care.


No parents want to hear that their child may or may not have an autoimmune disease. That being said, I wanted to document and encourage those who are fighting it, have a child who has it, or has recently been diagnosed. So much literature out there will do a much better job at telling you about how horrible Lyme is so I will keep this series dedicated to my sons healing process. We threw out everything that had any trace of inorganic and fillers. My poor kid doesn’t understand why this has to happen but he is very compliant when we explain it to him (over and over and over and…).

In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him.

As I have read here, it starts with a healthy immune system and the necessary steps to fight this debilitating “dis-ease”. I refuse to have my son go through life struggling to do the things he wants to do because of one tiny measly government-controlled blood-sucking parasite. For goodness sake, Halloween is in two days! If it’s not positive, Praise Jesus. If it is positive, we will beat it. And we will win. Because God gave the tools to use to heal.

So, here’s my protocol:

Frankincense / helichrysum oil on bite 3 times daily

Frankincense on feet (under socks) morning and night

2-3x smoothies a day:

Morning: half garlic clove frozen strawberry’s, black and blueberries, 1 cup spinach greens, 1 tsp of ginger, 1 tablespoon of flaxseed in purified water.

Midday: 2 whole Carrots, whole garlic clove, 1 tsp cocao (raw) powder, 1 cup beet greens, calcium carbonate (1/2 tsp), turmeric

Night (dinner): 1/2 clove of garlic, spinach greens, and frozen black and blue berries


Magnesium (at night): I use the CALM because he enjoys the flavors. One package daily.

Cod Liver Oil: 1 tsp a day

Raw local honey – 1/2 tsp morning and night

Aztec bentonite clay: We mix apple cider vinegar (with the MOTHER) with the clay and apply it to his feet to draw out toxins. Every other day.

Bone Broth Gummies Multis –

We love making (and eating!) these. If you are unable to get the grass fed gelatin, make the bone broth yourself. Here is this awesome mamas recipe. And you should follow her too!


Well, I will be back with the updates when necessary!







Welcome, Week

I have been extrememly busy – being bored, and having too much on my plate (is that even possible?) And we just got back from a long, drawn out 7 day vacation that financially drained us. So, this past week we have been getting through an abundance of work to make up for lost time. I work from just about anywhere, but even this isn’t enough to put a dent!



I wanted to catch everyone up on my whereabouts because now I have my website up and running, I have been spending some time there and picking up a few new clients. You can check out my actually website here where I showcase my client work and relevant buisness writing on my blog. What are you guys working on this week? How do you get through your week and still maintain your creative juices?


Happy beginning to a brand new week and lots of fervent entrepreneurship!


Home is Where the Heart is

You often hear that saying and think of many places or your hometown. But in this case, I am talking about the home as a whole, how and why and not just where you raise your family.

Home to us simply means that I want my child to feel as though he had a wonderful childhood, as I have. I know when every season folds over each other; I distinctly remember moments of my childhood and well up with tears of joy. I miss those days! So, to reel back to the point, home really is where the heart lies. And it’s so important to put your kids first if you chose to be parents. I am speaking to myself here too!



Speaking about the home, school in my day was much different that school nowadays and, quite frankly, I don’t like it! Swain and I have been here for almost a year and still haven’t found a school that suits our fancy. We have been tossing around the idea of homeschool part-time but nothing seemed to add up. So, just last night he turns to me and says, ” Let’s just homeschool full-time.”


That’s when a sense of relief was lifted and I felt no more burdened by the assumption of my son’s lack of communication. After all, he’s only 5 and is involved in church groups anyway. No matter how you slice it, the home is where the teacher is! It doesn’t matter if the child is in school full time or homeschooled, the parents are the teachers. Moms and dads, you guys are the influence on their young minds 🙂



That being said, I am thrilled to start gather a curriculum, get local moms together for fun field trips, and just enjoy our children in a non-compromising setting. I am Christian mom so there are some aspects of the public school setting that we don’t agree with. And that’s ok!

Which brings me to my next point. As my husband and I made this decision, I decided to see if anyone else in the area has already formulated a group. To my surprise, I found outdated information or the nearest group of moms lived 2 hours north of me. So, I made my own group here. It is brand new so I am welcome all seasoned homeschooling moms and family’s to join me, add their input, and just help me tweak where necessary.


This is an open invite to all in Southern Maine that is interested in gathering our kids and taking field trips, going to the museums, exploring, library trips, or even just learning together one another’s homes!



No Limit Soldiers

Am I bringing everyone back to the early 2000’s with that header?:)

Insterestingly enough and as bad as I wanted to, I coudn’t think of a better title. Because when it comes to transformation in your carreer/life, you need to throw away your limits, become solidiers in the midst of the ‘war on work’, and survive the way that God naturally intended – to live with a purpose.



I wholeheartedly believe that each one of you were meant for more. From every song on the radio to every poet in history, they too, feel the need to become a purpose-filled entity.

Whethere you are  a believer in Jesus or not, your life is much more than you think. I was considering my very own work-life this morning. My husband and I work part time for jobs we absolutley love. I also work from home so the need to work elsewhere is unneccessary. But we do because we love being a part of this gorgous town and all of the people that make it what it is.


Let’s wrap up this weekend with a kiss blown to next week. Here is your assignent for this weekend:

  1. Write down your passion: it could be own a clothing store, becoming the next wedding planner, own your own plumbing company. Jot it down. Sing about it. Dance about it.
  2. Breathe life to that passion: Start by Googling the heck out it, find out how you can start. From YouTube to entrepreneurs who started just like you, you will surprised how far you can go- for free!
  3. Get your feet wet: If you have an education in this choice or you have the finances to take a class, by all means. But for those of use that can’t keep up with their phone bills each month, start by offering complimentary services for that experience. You can offer a free hair for back-to-school kids for a local program in your town. Offering your service for free or barter will open up many doors at a rapid pace, especially if you know what you’re doing.
  4. Take advice from those who have mastered your passion. These people can be plumbers for over 40 years, education directors, coffee shop owners, whoever. As long as you are learning from the best, you’ll enherit the rest!


In conclusion, I believe from the depths of my heart that if we all did what we enjoyed doing, got back to the basics of living, we would be happy. It wasn’t easy for me. It is still tough at times but because my passion drove my heart to want what’s best, I knew that I couldn’t give up. We are all a part of this exceptionally large comunity of simplistic people. Let’s break away from the cubical mentally 🙂

In the comments below, I want to invite all of my successful or beginner entrepreneurs to share their experience in their craft and work like:)



An Eve of Spendor

I have some work to do, but I limit myself per day to preserve my sanity. I’m sure my creatives can attest to this maddening cycle of self-doubt and anxiety. Right now, I sit with wine while making casual glances at the oh-so drool-worthy cuisine in one of my favorite local magazines. I kind of feel like a ritzy local. Kind of.

So, naturally what feels like a Sunday is actually a Monday and on Sunday’s I would normally be questing my toon in a game that I escape to every now and then (this little gamer girl over here!). I didn’t last night and I am not now because I am pleasantly and surprisingly inspired to empty my colorful thoughts in digital ink, pressed into a format that, well, hopefully reaches the best of my readers.

This is the open-thoughts part of my blog- a rarety, at that.

Lately I have been longing for a scene much different from the last 9 months. All I wanted was a clear blue oceanscape with sea water as my perfume and comforting sand as my footstool. Within the last week or so, my mind had detoured into the carefree west, driving until pavement turn to dirt and hiking up mountains so high that all you know is what’s infront of you. It litterally stops your breath, breaks your concentration, forces you to feel the penetrating glow of natures swan song. It’s really an invigorating effect.


So, because I have the most amazing husband ever, that’s just we did for four days. We explored the untouched parts of Maine and all of its spendor. We ate authentic seafood from places off the beaten path, we hiked up mountains and hills and rocks that lined the ocean, ate wild raspberries and blueberries and just lived. We live. This is the importance of where we are now verus where we were a year ago.

This evening, home is so present. Its form is real and alive and welcoming and branching out. I love where I live. I wish this for everyone in life. It is so important.



Engage, Entice, Exist: 3 Ways to Stand Out

When I first started out as a freelance writer, I dabbled in many genres-from health and fitness to real estate and, well, plumbing! Most of this ended in failure because I was so new that I had thrown all of my eggs into one basket each time the basket was passed to me. But like many other successful freelancer writers in my clique, I never gave up, just gained mounds of exprience that I still find pretty useful today. I learned from Carol Tice, a brilliant freelancer and entrepreneur who was/is on-point about basically anything freelance related. If you get the chance to take a workshop or two, she really gives you more bang for your buck. She is accompanied by inspiring assitants and helpful bottom-liners that will encourage you along the way. You do not need to be an aspiring writer, as I found her tutorials to be of universal help.

Before we go into the meat and potatoes, let’s devour a few appetisers, shall we?

What are you passionate about (i.e. caretaking, children, petsitting, coffee, cleaning teeth, comfortable footwear, etc;) ?

Have you done any research (in your geographical area, web search, general info)?

These questions will help you determine what you want from your job(s). You may find yourself straying in a completely different direction or hating the orignial idea altogether but you will have an idea, on paper, and in your fore-front. So, start there.


Experienced or not, you know what you love to do, and more importantly, what you do best. Flaunt it. Wear it like your favorite outfit and expect compliments, expect questions and be ready to answer, engage, and offer. Your passion is your name badge, not just a decal on your bumper. Be your own agent. I love when I run into a person who knows their stuff and isn’t afraid to confidently tell me something about it. Engage with your supermarket attendant, your child’s school teachers, church groups, and people walking passed you in the park.


You are not going to win everyone over- and you don’t need to starting thinking that you have to! The right people will be enticed to follow. You can offer them something that they might want and need, but there is no need to convince someone that they need your service, product, etc;. Your love and driving force behind you will entice the right person. I never randomly give out my cards in hopes that i’ll get hired. When they compliment my scent, I have a sample oil ready. When they ask what I do, I tell them that I make their business stand out among the rest. done and done:)


I have come across many freelancers who have steady clients and when they take on new clients, their existance with their old-timers tend to dwindle, lack communication, or maybe isn’t as important. This isn’t saying that we don’t care about our faithful firstcomers, but the excitement of newbies takes over and we tend to pay more attention.

Don’t do this. Give every client the same attention, especially your current clients. Exist to be a part of their world (oh, Disney, you had me there) and offer to get to know them better and better each month/year.What works for me is taking a monthly phone chat with my clients, checking up to see how they’re doing, and just catching up with thier lives. You’re not bugging them, you’re helping them. They’ve hired you to be their hawk, persay. They are entrusting a piece of them with you. A monthly check-up call is the perfect way to show you care and to simply exist.

 When you’re ready to make your passion your life, you will have plenty of options to perfect your craft. If you have any questions or want to share your freelance experience, please do in the comments below!