From Work to Freedom: 3 Essentials to Jump-Start your Passion

As I sat down with my coffee to do some more projects for the coming weeks, I stopped to collect my thoughts and my ‘office’ caught my attention- my lush green backyard, crows and shady maples overhead, and the smell of my husband cooking lunch-I was reminded why I work (and have worked) so hard to get to do this, work from home.


I remember reading blog after blog from influential woman, offering tips and advice on how to live a successful work-at-home-life. Much like why you’ve stumbled upon this blog, my need to advance my passion grew and grew. And without these success stories stemming from all over the globe, I question if I would be here making it happen. Since every one person is completely different, we take a bulk of our seasoned mentors’ advice and sprinkle it throughout our daily lives.

So, I have my 3 ways to go from a career you’re not happy with to a blossoming entrepreneurship.

  1. Think Small – Plan, Prepare, Perfect.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with logistics, payroll, and the money and time you’ll put in. Whether you’re a freelance writer, maid service, baby-sitter, or travel nurse, start with a plan. Grab a pen and paper and start with what you WANT to achieve and how you can make that happen. Then, prepare each day according to that plan, achieving your goal of perfecting that plan. And if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take yourself back to your piece of paper with your plan.


2) Google

Nowadays, you can almost bet that any kind of assistance pertaining to your career choice will be on the web. Set a small time aside after dinner, when the kids are in bed, or while you’re in bed to google everything about your career choice. Studies have shown that when you read at night, you’re improving your cognitive function and you can actually get a better nights rest, taking the focus off your daily stressors and setting your mind at ease. The magnificent works of literary geniuses can be found at your local library too, so don’t forget to let go of the digital grip every now and then.

3) Work, While you Work

For instances whether your side job is your main income or you might be on the cusp of meeting your financial needs, this strategy comes in handy. If you still have a job outside of your blossoming career choice, continue to use it to your advantage. While I will never suggest compromising your job, however, if you are there for 7 hours and you have downtime, this is a great time reevaluate your plans, goals, and projects. Sometimes, I have to fill in for a local hotel when there isn’t any reliable coverage. So, knowing that I have to be there for 8 straight hours, I bring my notebook, book to read, and have a list of things I can do on the down time.



Lastly, free yourself from the idea that you need to be occupied/busy all the time. Focus on taking a mentally-stimulated break, especially when you have children. No matter what your career path of choice is, these simple steps can allow for easier transition.

Leave your comments on your 3 ways that work/have worked for you! I love seeing everyone’s answers:)






End of May Bonus

Who’s ready to give your summer an essential oil makeover? Whether it’s changing the way you drink water to going for your daily 20-minute walk, you are ready for this weather to sweep you up and give you that inspiration that winter might have dulled.

So, my May promo has been a hit and I wanted to invite some of you to my team of lovely ladies. Your Premium Kit is your new best friend, filled with everything you need to get you started on this essential oil journey.


Along with your kit, you will receive monthly tips, phone chats, recipes, and FREE products. This month, your free product is my favorite organic essential oil-infused mascara. I have 4 mascaras left so jump on it! April showers bring May flowers...4 lucky ladies will be gifted with homemade, organic Lavender and Tea Tree infused mascara with a purchase of a Premium Starter Kit.

Just think about all of the healthy, healing, and non-allergic essential oil products you can make with just this one kit. I will be giving you my easy toothpaste, deodorant, and mouthwash recipes so you can try them out yourself. I will also be hosting a class with How-Tos and special giveaways for those that join.

A clean home is a happy home:)

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Maybe it’s Maybelline…or Maybe it’s Earth Made!

Earthly Cosmetics - Make-up for your soul

Last night, I had some time to put all of my creative juices to work. It was time to make time to get started on a project that I had been planning on for months: homemade cosmetics! This is my own concoction based on my skin tone, preference in texture, and pigmentation. I can’t believe how easy it is to whip up something so fresh and allergy-free that we SHOULD be using on our bodies.

Earthly Cosmetics - Make-up for your soul(1)

So, after you’ve sliced, spread the beets and sweet potatoes evenly on your baking sheet, set the oven to 450. Dehydrators pretty much set themselves so all you have to do is lie them evenly on the trays. While I would love to give you a specific time that they will be thoroughly cooked, every oven is different so periodically check them. They should be in chip-like form when they’re ready!

Next, put them (individually) in your grinder or blender until it becomes powder. Then add your desired essential for a rejuvenatingly even glow.  Tea tree and lavender are healthful choices for your face. The arrowroot powder gives a smoother, clump-free texture while toning down the color.

It will take a few batches to get used to perfecting it the way you want. When I used the beetroot for blush and lip tint, I was floored as to how even and natural and FULL my face felt versus using generic store-bought powders.

I will post pictures when I get dolled up and paint my face ūüėÄ




5 Kitchen Essentials

Pretty basic post for a healthy and not-so-basic lifestyle!
If you’re like me and love to make EVERYTHING from scratch from toothpaste to potatoes chips, then you need these 5 time and money saving utensils to get the job done right.


Everyone LOVES chips, but not the over-processed junk that come that come with. That’s why the dehydrator was born. You can spice it up or leave it plain, layer each tray with your favorite fruit and veggie, even deer meat or beef and use your own wholesome and nutritious seasoning, chemical free. I have turnips and rutabagas that I slice thin and sprinkle with sea salt for a super nutritious snack at work.

Food Extractor

I am not talking about a blender, although there some major powerful (and expensive) blenders out there. And I have used my fare share of super-power blenders. But I have to stand by the Nutribullet  because of the powerful effect of each fruit and vegetable that it extracts. I primarily use kale, blueberries, bananas, wheatgrass, turmeric, and flax because the combo reacts to the fatigue in my body (when I work too much and need that extra boost) and I notice an instant lift in my blood sugar and energy. Just a little something that I have noticed when I compare the bullet to a blender.


Whether you get the Veggetti Pro or a counter mount spiralizer, you need one of these! It was the best $15 we’ve ever spent because you can spiral just about any fruit and veggie and reap the health benefits too. we were sick of sliced beets, especially raw, so we spiralize them and throw them in a pan to simmer. Easy meals done healthier and creatively!


To get the right cut on your fruits and veggies, get a mandoline. This tool can make your kitchen prep a whole lot easier. But I would invest in one from a well-known manufacturer such as William and Sonoma. Since you will find them for as low as $9.99, my experience is that they break easily and have less of a life span than one you would find at a specialty store.


Always well-worth the investment because you can almost guarantee to make a few soups during the year. You may think that the stove-top pan will suffice, and it will, but you will also be using a bit more energy and taking up stove space. Your crockpot is set on your desired temperature while it sits off in the corner and does its thang.


These tools are easy to obtained and can save you money on the foods that you love. You will experience more home-cooked meals that are healthier and satisfying every night!






Mompreneurs in March

Hello, all you hard working women. The¬†mompreneurs that make it work while they work and feed babies and cart children to dance class. Take a moment (or mom-ent) to reflect on your hard earnings and what you would want to see occur differently in your lives. Even us stay-at-home-moms are pressed for deadlines, and often neglect our very well-being to ‘get the job done right and on time’.

Sacred Mountain is for you. It is your lifeline and connector to a focused and grounding clarity that centers you. You are instantly empowered by its naturalistic sanctity. 

Most of the time, I leave the bottle open on my desk while I work and the scent just permeates the room. I find that it encourages productive thinking and mindfulness, unlike anything I have encountered.

So, this month, you Wonderful Woman will get a free bottle of Sacred Mountain with your premium kit through me. You deserve to feel empowered and strong and that is what this oil represents. Super simple, just go here and enter the code 3028864. You will instantly be prompted to choose your premium kit and I will send a welcome letter shortly after.

And for our northerners, don’t miss our Spring Serenade Retreat this April (once the weather warms up). The first person that orders a premium starter kit will win a two night stay in our newly renovated cozy living quarters on a lush and gorgeous landscape during the Spring Serenade event the next day (details to come). An event that will force you to be relaxed and comforted. And yes, bring a friend for free!



Open letter to my best friend

There’s a reason why you have a best friend in your life. I don’t know anyone that has more than four best friends in their life. But I know that the status of a best friend is a big responsibility. It’s also an honor and a privilege to be called somebody’s best friend. As best friends, you share a special bond that no one else will understand. Being just friends with somebody is a different level than being a ‘best friend’. 

It’s never easy to lose a best friend,  especially one that you’ve been friends with for over 20 years. My experience is that as you get older you start to understand human life itself and how certain situations are more important than others and how you handle them is more important.

Without making it a long and drawn-out story, you are still my best friend. I’ve been thinking on off about the last couple of months of our absence from one another and realizing that it’s not a relationship that just falls by the wayside. Best friends happen over time, much like a callus. Something that isn’t easy to chip away or break away from. Falling outs happen, arguments happen, disagreements happen,  and changes always happen. But no matter the absence, best friends remain, well, best. 

Back in October,  before the Big Move and when the separation begin,  I was pretty much in denial for a couple of weeks. Then anger set in for a couple more weeks. And then sadness took place for a while after that. And now I am at a place where I know I’ve done all that I could and I can do and that no matter how long life will stretch our absence from each other, you will always be my best friend. Because that can’t ever change. I know that God has pulled us apart for a little while but I will always be the same person and when you come back, we will pick up right where we left off.

I can’t say that about a lot of people. In fact I can’t say that about any anyone because I only have one other person that I consider my best friend. So there’s that:) 

You are strong. You are beautiful and confident. And above all, you are a child of the Almighty God. And that is what makes us best friends again. 

I love you. 



What a gentle reminder about a loving, powerful God. He holds our future, our past, and present and shapes us uniquely different and sprinkles us out into the world to BLESS and LOVE others. I hope you are experiencing the love and abundance of God today on this bright and sunny Sunday!

Great ways to connect with Him:

  1. Quiet time –

Savasana is one of my favorite yoga poses for experiencing true relaxation and stillness with God. This pose possesses no great particular strategy other than allowing your body to be completely limp while connecting to the ground and the quiet surroundings. Practice at least 5 minutes of uninterrupted stillness to achieve the grounding oneness.

2. Sun Bathe –

Beside your frosty window sill or outside on these unusually warm February days, you can experience the benefits of the sun just about anywhere that it sheds its light. You can even experience a slight tan while you’re soaking up the vitamin D and meditating on His goodness ūüôā

3. Walk –

Simple and free, walking offers cardiovascular benefits by improving blood flow to your heart.¬† Your 20 minutes a day can be more than just slipping in and out of a dream state with your tunes blaring in your ears; pay close attention to Gods simplistic yet majestic creations. I know I have to remind myself that it’s not just a 2 mile run for me, it’s about praising and thanking God for His creations!