What a gentle reminder about a loving, powerful God. He holds our future, our past, and present and shapes us uniquely different and sprinkles us out into the world to BLESS and LOVE others. I hope you are experiencing the love and abundance of God today on this bright and sunny Sunday!

Great ways to connect with Him:

  1. Quiet time –

Savasana is one of my favorite yoga poses for experiencing true relaxation and stillness with God. This pose possesses no great particular strategy other than allowing your body to be completely limp while connecting to the ground and the quiet surroundings. Practice at least 5 minutes of uninterrupted stillness to achieve the grounding oneness.

2. Sun Bathe –

Beside your frosty window sill or outside on these unusually warm February days, you can experience the benefits of the sun just about anywhere that it sheds its light. You can even experience a slight tan while you’re soaking up the vitamin D and meditating on His goodness 🙂

3. Walk –

Simple and free, walking offers cardiovascular benefits by improving blood flow to your heart.  Your 20 minutes a day can be more than just slipping in and out of a dream state with your tunes blaring in your ears; pay close attention to Gods simplistic yet majestic creations. I know I have to remind myself that it’s not just a 2 mile run for me, it’s about praising and thanking God for His creations!




Standing still 

No one is moving from the homestead today as we prepare for what is said to be the biggest 2017 blizzard to hit New England. And I am very excited. I went out and bought super cheap Hanes sweats so my work day was exceptionally comfortable. We live 50 feet from a market/cafe and Swain just stocked up on our fine cheese and wine for this evening. I have so much work to do today, that I am grateful to stay home and be surround with such lively beauty. After each client project, I take a break to shovel the deck. It’s relaxing! 

Later when it gets raw and windy and visibility is at a minimum, we are all going to play in the snow. As the snow gathers around my window, clings to the screen, and drifts in all kinds of directions, I tear up with gratefulness and thankfulness to Jesus who gave us something even better than we ever planned. New England get’s a different kind of snow storm, unlike the southern parts of the north where we’re from (Ohio, NY). Since we’re nestled on the coastline, tucked along the bay as well, we get hit with some intense storms, they say. And it’s not letting up!

To all who never gave up on what you truly wanted,  what passion and love has driven you all of these years to,  your goals. You’re doing it,  and you’re getting there,  much like myself. With hard work and no taking breaks from the worlds reality. You face it,  you give a smile,  and run head first into it. 



Pinch me…

Am I actually sitting down to my computer, not to work, but to write ?!

It’s been quite the busy past couple of weeks. And it’s not over yet. And I’m getting over that run-down cold that we all love so much. I think I have mentioned that I don’t look forward to the weekends much. For me, the weekends kind of put everything on a halt- clients disappear, everyone’s in weekend mode- and I personally don’t feel productive. My breaks aren’t a specific day, rather a moment or two of my days.

Wells, Maine

But it feels spectacular to sit down without a deadline waiting in my inbox. I haven’t made the time nor have I felt like making the time to write lately because the mounds of work that pile up. Again, grateful. Here are some elements of creativity that I have incorporated into my weekly routine to stay on track, balance the mind, and get work done, productively:

  1. Bubble Bathing

Take a bubble bath. Yep, pretend like you’re 5 years old again and fill the tub with sudsy playful memories and soak it all up.  I use Purification or Grapefruit EO and the clean, fresh aroma enhances the child-like senses. You don’t even notice the relaxation setting in.

2) Read

I can’t stress it enough how invigorating, inspiring, and enlightening it is to pick up a book, any book, and just read. It doesn’t even have to be a book that you’re familiar with. I love to browse the children’s section at the library and find something that I can get lost in without having to concentrate too hard. Right now, I am currently reading On Writer’s Block – A New Approach to Creativity by Victoria Nelson. Something she wrote really stood out to me and healed my outlook on my own lacking. She writes,

..To function as a writer, one must, above all, love and honor one’s creative force, which can be pictured- in what has become a persuasive metaphor in our era- as a kind of childlike spirit.”

She continues to talk about the block as being a form of entity and that all of us creative beings need be gentle and respectful of its presence. ”

We must not keep it chained up in a dark closet or force it to perform a never-ending routine of distasteful chores. We must let it out to play, as all children desire to do; we must let it follow, with loving nonintrusive guidance, its own inclinations.”

I love her breakdown with this. And she continues to go into depth with the importance of mental/emotional/physical ‘playtime’.

So, reading is BIG deal in order to stay creative and motivated and make use of your time.

3) Oil yourself

Oils! Always use your oils. Us working woman need constant reminders of how hard we’re working and how this had work will pay off and oils like Frankincense, Joy, and Stress Away are little angels on your shoulders giving you that gentle reminder each time you need it. I am biased when it comes to these influential fairies in oil form. I chose Frankincense because of the healing and nurturing properties that help me throughout the busy long days.


Would you like to win a FREE bottle of Young Living oil? In the comments below, tell me if you’ve ever used oils and what’s your favorite oil!!



Up and at Them!


I am so excited to announce the social is up and running

Why Rivers of Eden

There are 4 distinct rivers in the bible in the Garden of Eden; Euphrates, Gihon, Tigris, and Pishon. Each of these rivers carry elements that heal, nurture, and create overall positive well-being.

So, I decided to create body care and skin products that your body would love and feel loved by, much like those 4 healing rivers. Nothing that we use has a synthetic chemical (sodium bicarbonate is one popular but very toxic preservative in most healthy supplements and body care products).

Just some of the materials used:

organic shea butter

organic bees wax

organic shea butter

organic baking soda


organic clay

and of course… 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.

Plenty more to come!


3 Fitness Favorites

It’s that time of year to throw your old thought pattern away and develop a strategy that will encourage you and send positive signals into your body. Fitness and feeling great is much more than appearance; it all starts with a healthy habit and mindset, and I am loving the fact that I am not the only one to blog about how incredible it feels to reach a health goal, no matter what your goal is! Mine will be getting back to my pre-mom body, and until I do, I know that I will not be satisfied! Some things have change drastically since our move and I want to encourage you to ‘move’ in a direction towards your goals to experience that drastic and healthy change also. So, let’s talk about the 3 fitness tools that you will need for your healthy journey to happines.

When I am not going to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, I am usually on Amazon poking around for new fitness stuff. This is one that is a must-have when you’re gearing up for your change. The stability ball offers a slew of challenging exercise that increase all-over body strength. You can pick one up relatively inexpensive but you do want one made from anti-slip and anti-burst materials._35

Next, you will need to get used to the flavor of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. If you’re already familiar with the stuff, you’re probably already cringing but this super healing liquid knows how to knock the toxins right out. You can dilute in honey and lemon water or take a straight shot if you chose to get it down in one gulp, but make sure you incorporate it into your daily regimen like you would brushing your teeth or breathing. ACV kills bacteria, aids in healthy bowel movements, and provides recommended dosages of probiotics in each serving. So, you’ll live through it, I promise 😉


Garlic is great for warding off the vamps…..or a potential date….or anyone for that matter:) But it has incredible benefits and you need this element in your diet. Garlic is an anti-inflammatory food, it improves blood flow to the heart, and kills cancer…yep, I said it, Garlic kills cancer and evidence can be found here. If you haven’t heard of Chris Beat Cancer, he is one that you must check out! His cancer testimony is tear-jerking and inspirational. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties help you lose weight! Hubs and I take 3 medium cloves, chopped up and swallowed with a chaser of honey each night. In the morning, shower and scrub clean to rid the odor. All set for the day and without the stink of garlic:)


Well, that’s it for now! I didn’t want to overwhelm you so get crackin’ on these bad boys and tell me how you do! If you have any questions, drop me an email!


Happy Health Year!!!



Mediate to Medicate

Let’s talk about meditation. What a crazy Christmas week, eh? Aside from working, are any of you getting ready to par-tay on NYE? You can bet we are! Jammie party, some homemade wassail, and snacks….at home!

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? Meditation comes in many forms;

Deep breathing

Humming softly



But are you using these forms to center yourself, even through the busy holidays? I recently learned that my best friend is on a very harsh medication, that she knows is detrimental to her health in the long run. Well, I am supportive. Because who wants a know-it-all telling you something you already know? I don’t! The problem is when we don’t recognize what’s going on in our minds that inhibits our bodies to heal:

Our work: love it or hate it, are you aware of what you do and are changing what you don’t like?

Our play: what are you doing with your free time, away from friends, work, and family, just for yourself?

Our geographical living space – whether you’re a family of 5 or rockin’ it solo, you need to be happy in the space where you live, not stay in one place because of others around you or your job.

Our peers – both positive and negative people can get on your nerves…you have the negative Nancy’s that always complain about something and then you have the positive Peggy’s that don’t ever want to hear about real issues. A balance of pleasant and understanding people is what heals.

Beginning to Flourish

Meditation isn’t difficult, it’s practice. And anyone anywhere can do it. When I first began meditating, I used guided meditation and beginner guides to keep me on track. It’s training your mind to be still, focus on you, and appreciate the seconds that lie before you.


It’ll will never come easy but it will become easier to fit into your day once you feel its posistve mindful affects.


See you next year!!!