Upper Black Eddy,PA

So this Friday, early morning (2am to be exact) my wonderful man and I will be traveling way up North to the beautiful Bucks County PA (and some of New Jersey) to partake in a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday. The happy couple are dear friends of ours who have the most open, genuine hearts of anyone I know. I am excited to finally meet them both! Tim (my love) will be photographing their wedding. Meanwhile, before the festivities begin, I will be scoping out both N.J and Bucks County, in search of the perfect place to nestle in and write about. Until then…

The ”3-3-3” for your travel needs

I have embarked on a (kinda) new adventure/career/love: Travel writing. Recent jobs and events have allowed me the luxury of traveling around the U.S, possibly Europe in earlier 2012, and with that comes a huge adjustment in the physical fitness/health aspect. I am forced to be outside of my normal routine (i.e. going to the gym on Monday at 7am and so on). No matter where I will be, I have to maintain my fitness and health lifestyle and over-come the ”jet lag” or ”too-long-bus-ride” blues.

That being said, I know many of you travel often for business/work and even leisure. The most important things to do are to drink water, eat 6 small meals on-the-go and exercise. No matter what you are traveling for or where your going, there is always something amazingly special about the place your visiting. So, take care of yourself while your there, eat and exercise.

3 on-the-go Exercises:

1) Scissor Kicks (Abs)

2) Split Lunges (Glutes/Hams)

3) Push Up (Bi’s/Chest)

3 on-the-go Foods to sustain you:

1) A handful of mixed nuts including these 3 nuts: Almond, Walnuts and Macadamia

2) Rich berries including Blueberries, Cherries, Raspberries and Goji berries

3) For meat eaters: Ham or lean Chicken on a wheat free bun/bread or in dark green leafy salad

for vegans/vegetarians: Tempah, Hemp or Tofu in dark leafy salad or on wheat free bun or bread

Also, you can absolutely substitute a high protein shake for a meal or even in with your 5-6 meals plan. These are easy packets to pick up. Here are some brands that are whole food based and will do what an actual protein shake is made to do:

Source Naturals Whey Protein – any flavor is enjoyable!

Living Harvest Hemp Protein Powder -warning!! Very thick, grainy taste mix very well with juice/fruit

Garden of Life RAW Protein – suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

So, next time you are on the road, getting ready or planning for one, you can be mentally and physically prepared for it!

And above all, ENJOY YOURSELVES!


Vacation In Your Own Town!

Many of our lives run on too much of a schedule to even begin think about downtime, much less a vacation. It’s easy to over look the possibility that one of your days off could be enjoyed in your own hometown. Many of us don’t realize the simple yet relaxing, fun happenings in our hometown. We immediately connect ”vacation” or ”downtime” with ”beach” or ”road trip” and while those options are fun, they aren’t always practical. Depending on where you are, what time of year it is and day of the week, you can almost always find many different varieties of leisure, relaxation and family fun right here in your own backyard. Below are some good, simple questions and tips to consider when your planning a small vacation for just yourself or your family.

What do you want to do with your day(s) off?

Think about what you would like to do on a day where you have nothing to do. Would you get a babysitter to watch the kids for a couple of hours? Would you want to be bring your husband/wife? Would you want to be alone or bring a friend? Do you want to travel outside your city limits? These are good questions to ask yourself before deciding how you would like to spend a relaxing or fun day/night off from work of any kind.

You know what you would like to do but don’t know where to start looking.

You know what you would like to do but don’t know where to start looking.

This is the part that becomes tedious. You know what you want, but don’t where to go that is affordable and within your city limits, if that is where you chose to spend your time. Your options are limitless and all you have to do is look in your local newspaper under the section ”City Guide” or ”Upcoming local events” where can find weekend getaway retreats and even a fun family day at an amusement park. Any library staff member will be able to direct you to the local section where you will find bulletin boards and flyers that will show you local and even out of town events. If you have access to the internet, travel websites such as Travelzoo and Groupon will give you some great tips on a home town vacation. TravelZoo is a great resource for last minute air fare or car rentals, hotel deals, local spa and dining packages and even concerts and family vacation packages. Groupon is another useful tool that will direct you to last minute local events and even give you coupon codes for a percentage of your purchases. Local grocery stores usually have one or two bulletin boards just out side of the main entrance. These bulletin boards can have anything from church group events to weekend trips out of town.

Some smaller towns just might surprise you…

During my week stay in Athens Ohio, I took the morning and afternoon, walking around the quaint but busy little town, scoping out residential areas, local food markets and clothing and accessory shops. Amongst the friendly people, the well known college (OU) and the history that envelops, I was awestruck by the breathtaking scenery that had stretched beyond the town. The best of both worlds, I thought!

Upon my search for new and interesting places, I stumbled across three awe-inspiring, locally owned and operated shops:

Beads and Things – I was working on a project and was told to check this place out. Once I got there, I noticed the beautiful house was shaded by beautiful trees, a lovely porch swing and that ”home away from home” feeling. I knew that I could spend hours here. That’s just how they treated you once you walked in too! They have everything you would need to put together any project, from simple to extravagant. Feathers, glass and wood beads of all sizes, leather pieces, sea shells and more for affordable prices!

The Thrift Store – I stumbled across this little shop the first day I ventured through. It is located on the corner of Stimson and State Street, hidden behind the Salon. The moment I walked in, I immediately saw an item I had been looking for weeks earlier. For only being open since February of this year, The Thrift Store had a lot of items; amazing condition and really affordable. The owner and her staff were so super friendly and helpful that I couldn’t help but lend a hand in moving furniture and fold clothing!

The Farmacy – Located on E Stimson Ave, I was told by a good friend of mine who lives in Athens, to give this place a try because it has fresh organic, healthy food items at a reasonable cost, that’s within the limits of where I am staying. She wasn’t joking! From homemade soups, salads and sandwiches, to freshly made smoothies of your choice, this is a highly recommended shop for anyone! As I walked around, sampling different ideas of what they have, I noticed that they had s section with all vitamins and herbs, spices and tea- in packages and ready to be sold! I was able to buy Echinacea, loose leaf tea, for only $2.68! For someone like me who drinks tea, eats healthy and cooks with authentic spices, The Farmacy is a fantastic place to find what you need and support our local markets!

Needless to say, it was more than I had hoped for during my stay in Athens Ohio. The people are friendly and there is so much history that surrounds you. If you happen to be pass through the Southern Ohio area, I highly recommend making a pit stop and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of this little town.