An Eve of Spendor

I have some work to do, but I limit myself per day to preserve my sanity. I’m sure my creatives can attest to this maddening cycle of self-doubt and anxiety. Right now, I sit with wine while making casual glances at the oh-so drool-worthy cuisine in one of my favorite local magazines. I kind of feel like a ritzy local. Kind of.

So, naturally what feels like a Sunday is actually a Monday and on Sunday’s I would normally be questing my toon in a game that I escape to every now and then (this little gamer girl over here!). I didn’t last night and I am not now because I am pleasantly and surprisingly inspired to empty my colorful thoughts in digital ink, pressed into a format that, well, hopefully reaches the best of my readers.

This is the open-thoughts part of my blog- a rarety, at that.

Lately I have been longing for a scene much different from the last 9 months. All I wanted was a clear blue oceanscape with sea water as my perfume and comforting sand as my footstool. Within the last week or so, my mind had detoured into the carefree west, driving until pavement turn to dirt and hiking up mountains so high that all you know is what’s infront of you. It litterally stops your breath, breaks your concentration, forces you to feel the penetrating glow of natures swan song. It’s really an invigorating effect.


So, because I have the most amazing husband ever, that’s just we did for four days. We explored the untouched parts of Maine and all of its spendor. We ate authentic seafood from places off the beaten path, we hiked up mountains and hills and rocks that lined the ocean, ate wild raspberries and blueberries and just lived. We live. This is the importance of where we are now verus where we were a year ago.

This evening, home is so present. Its form is real and alive and welcoming and branching out. I love where I live. I wish this for everyone in life. It is so important.




Standing still 

No one is moving from the homestead today as we prepare for what is said to be the biggest 2017 blizzard to hit New England. And I am very excited. I went out and bought super cheap Hanes sweats so my work day was exceptionally comfortable. We live 50 feet from a market/cafe and Swain just stocked up on our fine cheese and wine for this evening. I have so much work to do today, that I am grateful to stay home and be surround with such lively beauty. After each client project, I take a break to shovel the deck. It’s relaxing! 

Later when it gets raw and windy and visibility is at a minimum, we are all going to play in the snow. As the snow gathers around my window, clings to the screen, and drifts in all kinds of directions, I tear up with gratefulness and thankfulness to Jesus who gave us something even better than we ever planned. New England get’s a different kind of snow storm, unlike the southern parts of the north where we’re from (Ohio, NY). Since we’re nestled on the coastline, tucked along the bay as well, we get hit with some intense storms, they say. And it’s not letting up!

To all who never gave up on what you truly wanted,  what passion and love has driven you all of these years to,  your goals. You’re doing it,  and you’re getting there,  much like myself. With hard work and no taking breaks from the worlds reality. You face it,  you give a smile,  and run head first into it. 




We are finally settled,  guys!  It only took us since May but we did it!  And not without the help from Jesus Christ. He paved this incredibly, magical way. We left NY on November 1, and for three gruesome, unorganized weeks, hopped from hotel to motel, to inn, trying to solidify a place to stay but no one was biting. We had our heart set on a specific place, but God had even better for us, apparently. We were never expecting what was to come, only planned the way we thought and prepared for. 

I am still crying when I think of what God did for me and my little family through this stranger who offered us his winter rental in a place we didn’t dream of looking because of the cost of living. It was like we had known him for 20 years, just comfortable and understanding that we were just trying to make a living in a new town. 

We have a big upper deck that over looks a quiet and peaceful forest. And just a mile down our same road,  the ocean. 

Just thought I’d share our journey as we head into the winter solstice ❄ 


I am listening to Chopin, and adding new roll to my blanket. I’ve been so determined this time around that it’s not a dream anymore, it’s a reality. Since the change of plans, I’ve begun putting things up for sale, making more room for warm and comfy stuff. It will be cold, and I’m so enjoying the thought of being wrapped in this knit, over my homemade fleece housecoat, sitting on my porch overlooking the ocean at sunrise.

I will be selling some homemade goods, too, once I perfect it. Etsy will be put to good use this year.


My cotton blouse I threw together this morning.

Unsettling Down

“There is no beauty without strangeness” Edgar Allen Poe –

This quote is engraved on my coffee mug, and it hit home this morning.

I am starving for thrill. We have 4 months. We are selling everything we have, and leaving with only what we can fit in our vehicles.

Fed up with the domesticated life, hubs and I made a huge decision this week – to stay unsettled for a while. Life is way too beautiful to be waiting for vacation days, paid time-off, or holidays. Every day should be as invigorating as this picture below.


It is completely God that changed my husbands view and outlook on life’s simplicity and priorities. Swain used to be solely interested in settling down, one place, forever. I tried it, here and in NY, but as we grew as a couple, we both morphed into a one-minded being, wanting the same exact thing- to be a nomadic family.

And then we dove further into our search and found a slue of people doing the exact same thing we are planning on, and it was inspiring and a relief. What a rush.

I’ve never been one to ‘be settled’, and I don’t know why that is but what I have learned to do is to ask God to take my ‘unsettled spirit’ and guide me to do His will with it. I guess I just love the scent of different places, the laughter of people I don’t know.

This being said, our very first stop (Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise!;)) will be Maine, on the beach. Now, here is where YOU (my little nomadic clan) come in:) Do you have any places IN Maine that are better than others? What’s it like for a writer/photographer? Any suggestions or input will be so helpful to us. We are looking into a Christian network too, getting involved in a local church and working for people that need special services (cleaning, elderly care, pet sitting, snow removal, painting, etc;)







5 Wonders of Successful Creative Writing

Whether you’re creating a masterpiece for a client or a novel for your own pleasure, the core of your success comes from your own creative voice through consistent flows of inspiration.
Here are five tips for successful creative writing.
1) View it Differently

Give into the idea that you do need a break from your everyday routine, and take a hike, take a scenic drive, or a relaxing swim. Spend time in another location, and just write.

2) Play with Children

Kids say the darnedest things…and do the darnedest things too! Draw, play on a playground, take your child or godchild out for a walk in the park. Play at the museum, or a library. I believe that every adult learns unique and valuable lessons from every child they interact with. Plus, did you know that spending time with a wee one can reduce everyday stress? I know that when I break from my ‘adult responsibilities’ and take my son to the park and run around with him I am feeling refreshed and energized. image

3) Meditate

Before I had my son, I used to meditate at least 20 minutes prior to my work day. I noticed a huge mental gap when I did not meditate and I had to work an 8 hour shift. As a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur, you kind of have to make time to clear your mind. Meditation can help increase the immune system by allowing your mind to let go of the stress, frustration, anxiety, and depression that you may not know you have. That list goes on! Meditation is for everyone…everyone!

more goodies about meditation here !
more goodies about meditation here !

4) Go to the Theater

My brilliant and most amazingly talented cousin has been in the theater since she was old enough to know she could act. I love to attend her plays at our local theater because it gives me a fresh perspective of life around me. I always leave feeling inspired by my favorite character of that play. Going to the theater helps one gain knowledge for new words, lifestyles, and cultures. It also helps you understand different emotions and connections that are portrayed through each skit. Check out some local college theater programs, where students are at their beginnings, and most raw emotional state during their performances.

5) Drive

Shut up and drive! No really 🙂 When I was 19, I would take my forest green ford escort out for a long drive, early in the morning, coffee in hand. I wouldn’t stop until I found just the right spot to pull over and write. It was invigoration, to say the least. I didn’t have a cell phone, a lap top, or any other mentally numbing device to distract me. It was euphoric. I am so glad I allowed myself those moments of fresh inspiration to overtake me, and I had nothing to stop it. Driving without a destination or purpose recreates that excitement that tends to get dull and useless. Long commute to work? Leave a few minutes early to take a different route (that’s if your partial to long drives). Sometimes a fresh perspective and new adventure leads to less stress while at work and gets those creative juices flowing again.

Please share your tips or tricks that you find helpful when needing a creative boost! I would love to hear them!!


Destination: Home

As you know, I haven’t done much traveling since I have been in NY. Every personal financial aspect of our lives (from the ground, up) has become more prevalent as the hours progress and it seems to put so much that we’ve ‘planned’ to do, on steady hold. As expected, when you have a family and obligations, I suppose. Nonetheless, every second is just as enjoyable.

Today, the Spring breeze brought such a welcome-home type of comfort through the open window in our room. The image of our favorite spot on the coast, lighthouse nearby, the surge of the ocean flickered vividly with even more color. It opened our eyes to see exactly where we wanted to be and that our goal was not too far from being reached. So, as Eli napped over long for us this afternoon, Swain and I exhausted the web for homes that may be for rent in our secret place we distantly call home, Portland, Maine.

Although we have had this as a goal for the past two years, we hadn’t really kept it in our forefront until today.  So, we have decided that we are going to diligently start scrimping and saving for our permanent move to Portland. Settling for nothing less but what we wish, we are searching for our cozy, Victorian home on the beachfront.

Beautiful Portland Pier ~

Portland Maine Pier