Engage, Entice, Exist: 3 Ways to Stand Out

When I first started out as a freelance writer, I dabbled in many genres-from health and fitness to real estate and, well, plumbing! Most of this ended in failure because I was so new that I had thrown all of my eggs into one basket each time the basket was passed to me. But like many other successful freelancer writers in my clique, I never gave up, just gained mounds of exprience that I still find pretty useful today. I learned from Carol Tice, a brilliant freelancer and entrepreneur who was/is on-point about basically anything freelance related. If you get the chance to take a workshop or two, she really gives you more bang for your buck. She is accompanied by inspiring assitants and helpful bottom-liners that will encourage you along the way. You do not need to be an aspiring writer, as I found her tutorials to be of universal help.

Before we go into the meat and potatoes, let’s devour a few appetisers, shall we?

What are you passionate about (i.e. caretaking, children, petsitting, coffee, cleaning teeth, comfortable footwear, etc;) ?

Have you done any research (in your geographical area, web search, general info)?

These questions will help you determine what you want from your job(s). You may find yourself straying in a completely different direction or hating the orignial idea altogether but you will have an idea, on paper, and in your fore-front. So, start there.


Experienced or not, you know what you love to do, and more importantly, what you do best. Flaunt it. Wear it like your favorite outfit and expect compliments, expect questions and be ready to answer, engage, and offer. Your passion is your name badge, not just a decal on your bumper. Be your own agent. I love when I run into a person who knows their stuff and isn’t afraid to confidently tell me something about it. Engage with your supermarket attendant, your child’s school teachers, church groups, and people walking passed you in the park.


You are not going to win everyone over- and you don’t need to starting thinking that you have to! The right people will be enticed to follow. You can offer them something that they might want and need, but there is no need to convince someone that they need your service, product, etc;. Your love and driving force behind you will entice the right person. I never randomly give out my cards in hopes that i’ll get hired. When they compliment my scent, I have a sample oil ready. When they ask what I do, I tell them that I make their business stand out among the rest. done and done:)


I have come across many freelancers who have steady clients and when they take on new clients, their existance with their old-timers tend to dwindle, lack communication, or maybe isn’t as important. This isn’t saying that we don’t care about our faithful firstcomers, but the excitement of newbies takes over and we tend to pay more attention.

Don’t do this. Give every client the same attention, especially your current clients. Exist to be a part of their world (oh, Disney, you had me there) and offer to get to know them better and better each month/year.What works for me is taking a monthly phone chat with my clients, checking up to see how they’re doing, and just catching up with thier lives. You’re not bugging them, you’re helping them. They’ve hired you to be their hawk, persay. They are entrusting a piece of them with you. A monthly check-up call is the perfect way to show you care and to simply exist.

 When you’re ready to make your passion your life, you will have plenty of options to perfect your craft. If you have any questions or want to share your freelance experience, please do in the comments below! 







We are finally settled,  guys!  It only took us since May but we did it!  And not without the help from Jesus Christ. He paved this incredibly, magical way. We left NY on November 1, and for three gruesome, unorganized weeks, hopped from hotel to motel, to inn, trying to solidify a place to stay but no one was biting. We had our heart set on a specific place, but God had even better for us, apparently. We were never expecting what was to come, only planned the way we thought and prepared for. 

I am still crying when I think of what God did for me and my little family through this stranger who offered us his winter rental in a place we didn’t dream of looking because of the cost of living. It was like we had known him for 20 years, just comfortable and understanding that we were just trying to make a living in a new town. 

We have a big upper deck that over looks a quiet and peaceful forest. And just a mile down our same road,  the ocean. 

Just thought I’d share our journey as we head into the winter solstice ❄ 


It’s  been  quite  a week  but, as always,  we manage. Going from having a routine to being in the midst  of someone  else’ routine  is never that easy  but the good freaking thing is that  we got in touch with a homeowner  that would love to rent to us (down here) for when we come back. Traveling  will be absolutely  incredible, but getting ahead of the game while we get there is even better.


We got up early and went to breakfast at my mom’s shop, I worked a little bit. This is our entire goal is to get to a place where we can spend more time together instead of trying to make money to spend time together. What a conundrum!


Tonight I enjoy a glass of wine or 3 at my mom’s place as my husband and I and my son enjoy the elements. Since starting this new job I have been blessed to be able to work on my own, within the deadlines of course, but I can enjoy my family that much more. It’s such a blessing from the Lord that we are starting to see these blessings unfold. Namaste to you all! Have a blessed weekend!

Unsettling Down

“There is no beauty without strangeness” Edgar Allen Poe –

This quote is engraved on my coffee mug, and it hit home this morning.

I am starving for thrill. We have 4 months. We are selling everything we have, and leaving with only what we can fit in our vehicles.

Fed up with the domesticated life, hubs and I made a huge decision this week – to stay unsettled for a while. Life is way too beautiful to be waiting for vacation days, paid time-off, or holidays. Every day should be as invigorating as this picture below.


It is completely God that changed my husbands view and outlook on life’s simplicity and priorities. Swain used to be solely interested in settling down, one place, forever. I tried it, here and in NY, but as we grew as a couple, we both morphed into a one-minded being, wanting the same exact thing- to be a nomadic family.

And then we dove further into our search and found a slue of people doing the exact same thing we are planning on, and it was inspiring and a relief. What a rush.

I’ve never been one to ‘be settled’, and I don’t know why that is but what I have learned to do is to ask God to take my ‘unsettled spirit’ and guide me to do His will with it. I guess I just love the scent of different places, the laughter of people I don’t know.

This being said, our very first stop (Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise!;)) will be Maine, on the beach. Now, here is where YOU (my little nomadic clan) come in:) Do you have any places IN Maine that are better than others? What’s it like for a writer/photographer? Any suggestions or input will be so helpful to us. We are looking into a Christian network too, getting involved in a local church and working for people that need special services (cleaning, elderly care, pet sitting, snow removal, painting, etc;)







The Best Workout

The adventure never ends. I love it. The Apoxee Wilderness Preserve in West Palm Beach Florida. Our hiking continues as we face windy, cool, and wet bumpy terrain, unexpected tornadoes, and maybe a crazy thunderstorm thrown into the mix ❤ Last week we got our workout as we unknowingly hiked 8 miles through an alley of crocs, gorgeous grazing Roseate Spoonbills, and a few red ant hills (those things hurt for days…). Here are some beautiful candid shots to show for (with the exception of a few, all photos were taken by my talented hubs, and can be found here ).



Another adventure awaits this Saturday (and probably Sunday), as we gather our hiking gear and discover another new location ❤

A Slight Turn of the Page

So, this is Christmas. What have I done? I have been running around in panic, working through projects for clients, selling tea, and moving merchandise. All in a days work. Well, as most of you know, I am a freelance writer. I focus mainly on health and fitness, with a few travel reviews throw into the mix, but have been known to venture off into other fields.

As 2016 vastly approaches, I have decided to outstretch my services via blogging and social media, making it possible for exhausted and busy business professionals to come to me with a plan and deadline so that they do not have to worry about sitting down, muddling through their thoughts as they force the content for their blogs/webpage/social media events etc.

I will customize engaging content for you (the frustrated and busy entrepreneur, that you are) and have it ready in a speedy fashion, without sacrificing the look and feel.

If you didn’t know already, I have several ezine publications that demonstrate my ‘words of art’.





(more links and portfolio are available upon request)

So, I am open for business, and ready to help take the load off. Contact me for details, policies, and rates!

Merry Christmas!