Engage, Entice, Exist: 3 Ways to Stand Out

When I first started out as a freelance writer, I dabbled in many genres-from health and fitness to real estate and, well, plumbing! Most of this ended in failure because I was so new that I had thrown all of my eggs into one basket each time the basket was passed to me. But like many other successful freelancer writers in my clique, I never gave up, just gained mounds of exprience that I still find pretty useful today. I learned from Carol Tice, a brilliant freelancer and entrepreneur who was/is on-point about basically anything freelance related. If you get the chance to take a workshop or two, she really gives you more bang for your buck. She is accompanied by inspiring assitants and helpful bottom-liners that will encourage you along the way. You do not need to be an aspiring writer, as I found her tutorials to be of universal help.

Before we go into the meat and potatoes, let’s devour a few appetisers, shall we?

What are you passionate about (i.e. caretaking, children, petsitting, coffee, cleaning teeth, comfortable footwear, etc;) ?

Have you done any research (in your geographical area, web search, general info)?

These questions will help you determine what you want from your job(s). You may find yourself straying in a completely different direction or hating the orignial idea altogether but you will have an idea, on paper, and in your fore-front. So, start there.


Experienced or not, you know what you love to do, and more importantly, what you do best. Flaunt it. Wear it like your favorite outfit and expect compliments, expect questions and be ready to answer, engage, and offer. Your passion is your name badge, not just a decal on your bumper. Be your own agent. I love when I run into a person who knows their stuff and isn’t afraid to confidently tell me something about it. Engage with your supermarket attendant, your child’s school teachers, church groups, and people walking passed you in the park.


You are not going to win everyone over- and you don’t need to starting thinking that you have to! The right people will be enticed to follow. You can offer them something that they might want and need, but there is no need to convince someone that they need your service, product, etc;. Your love and driving force behind you will entice the right person. I never randomly give out my cards in hopes that i’ll get hired. When they compliment my scent, I have a sample oil ready. When they ask what I do, I tell them that I make their business stand out among the rest. done and done:)


I have come across many freelancers who have steady clients and when they take on new clients, their existance with their old-timers tend to dwindle, lack communication, or maybe isn’t as important. This isn’t saying that we don’t care about our faithful firstcomers, but the excitement of newbies takes over and we tend to pay more attention.

Don’t do this. Give every client the same attention, especially your current clients. Exist to be a part of their world (oh, Disney, you had me there) and offer to get to know them better and better each month/year.What works for me is taking a monthly phone chat with my clients, checking up to see how they’re doing, and just catching up with thier lives. You’re not bugging them, you’re helping them. They’ve hired you to be their hawk, persay. They are entrusting a piece of them with you. A monthly check-up call is the perfect way to show you care and to simply exist.

 When you’re ready to make your passion your life, you will have plenty of options to perfect your craft. If you have any questions or want to share your freelance experience, please do in the comments below! 






Motivation for the Monday Blues



I just can’t get used to the idea that Monday is automatically a bummer. Whether you work the 9-5 for the Boss, or you’re your own boss, it’s still a day to be praised and noted as just another day to accomplish something. As a struggling yet hardworking entrepreneur, I LOVE when Monday’s roll around because it’s a chance to get in touch with clients and claim work. Before my big career change, I was a Clinique cosmetic consultant. Long hours, rude customers, and nasty employees made my work day! But I used to do small things that would pass the time, make it more productive, and meet some amazing people along the way.

If you happen to be in the 9-5, Monday through Friday routine, you will love these simple and effective ways to positively pass the time. Because you are more than just a slave of your work;)

Bring your favorite food – chocolate, raisins, nuts, and berries are all the perfect energy building and stress-relieving snack to chow down on throughout the day. Antioxidant and exotic dried fruit such a longan and goji berries and dried seaweed are a perfect example of giving your body a positive mood change. Have them in your pocket at all times.

Your favorite jacket – windbreaker jacket, sweater-jacket, or anything that is lightweight enough to be work-appropriate but is easily comfortable and soothing. It’s like having your favorite teddy bear at work:) And it perfect for hiding those positive mood-enhancing snacks!

Tea time! – Always, always, ALWAYS have a (non-bleach) ready-made bag of tea on hand. The best part of my day would be refilling that mug of delicious green tea. My go-to staples are sencha matcha green, earl gray, and hibiscus.

Oil it up – My absolute favorite is my essential oils. Lavender, eucalyptus, Frankincense, Vetiver, and Stress Away are all a part of my daily workflow and make for such an easy and stressless day. I dab a few drops of desired oil on my temples, wrists, collarbone and top of my head for the best results. By the way, as my birth month gift to you during this month only, I will be gifting a special treat when you order your first premium Young Living kit. Contact me!

Stone Therapy – Whether you’re into stones for spiritual purposes or you’re like me and love to have them because you recognize the science-backed healing benefits of certain stones, put a stone in your pocket. Amethysts, Amber, Copper, Argonite, and much more are soothing and inspiring. I would keep one kind in both pockets and grip it tight when needed.


Have an amazing week, and don’t forget to work on your goal:) Because you are more than a behind-the-desk/counter kinda folk ; ) : D




As the hue of the day sets in, the warm rain falls, puissant, and Indefatigable, in a misty haze, I realize that I will certainly miss the tropical rain falls. Somehow, every time I am slammed with work, the weather changes, drastically, a DAY beforehand, and lasts until I’m through. I’ve noticed this pattern when I need to get in the creative mode. I noticed it two days ago on my walk. The clouds were shifting, layering, and the wind was Assuring the storm in. It’s funny because I think my career is shape shifting everything around me exclamation point it’s an odd thing to describe. 

I love this quote so much. Because it defines a lot of what people are pressed to do. Instead of focusing on something that you love and honing in on it, or maybe there are 10 different things you love, you do something that you don’t like or Maybe it’s out of habit. And the burnout phase sets in. 

And then my work will dry up and I will often think about the reasoning why and thought it a setback. When I know that that is the Lord’s way of strengthening me in that area without being completely burnt out. A blessing in disguise!

A little Friday Faith going in here;) encouragement is always necessary. Encouraging yourself is vital!

Have a blessed Friday!!

5 Wonders of Successful Creative Writing

Whether you’re creating a masterpiece for a client or a novel for your own pleasure, the core of your success comes from your own creative voice through consistent flows of inspiration.
Here are five tips for successful creative writing.
1) View it Differently

Give into the idea that you do need a break from your everyday routine, and take a hike, take a scenic drive, or a relaxing swim. Spend time in another location, and just write.

2) Play with Children

Kids say the darnedest things…and do the darnedest things too! Draw, play on a playground, take your child or godchild out for a walk in the park. Play at the museum, or a library. I believe that every adult learns unique and valuable lessons from every child they interact with. Plus, did you know that spending time with a wee one can reduce everyday stress? I know that when I break from my ‘adult responsibilities’ and take my son to the park and run around with him I am feeling refreshed and energized. image

3) Meditate

Before I had my son, I used to meditate at least 20 minutes prior to my work day. I noticed a huge mental gap when I did not meditate and I had to work an 8 hour shift. As a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur, you kind of have to make time to clear your mind. Meditation can help increase the immune system by allowing your mind to let go of the stress, frustration, anxiety, and depression that you may not know you have. That list goes on! Meditation is for everyone…everyone!

more goodies about meditation here ! http://thecertainonesmagazine.com/the-benefits-of-meditation/
more goodies about meditation here ! http://thecertainonesmagazine.com/the-benefits-of-meditation/

4) Go to the Theater

My brilliant and most amazingly talented cousin has been in the theater since she was old enough to know she could act. I love to attend her plays at our local theater because it gives me a fresh perspective of life around me. I always leave feeling inspired by my favorite character of that play. Going to the theater helps one gain knowledge for new words, lifestyles, and cultures. It also helps you understand different emotions and connections that are portrayed through each skit. Check out some local college theater programs, where students are at their beginnings, and most raw emotional state during their performances.

5) Drive

Shut up and drive! No really 🙂 When I was 19, I would take my forest green ford escort out for a long drive, early in the morning, coffee in hand. I wouldn’t stop until I found just the right spot to pull over and write. It was invigoration, to say the least. I didn’t have a cell phone, a lap top, or any other mentally numbing device to distract me. It was euphoric. I am so glad I allowed myself those moments of fresh inspiration to overtake me, and I had nothing to stop it. Driving without a destination or purpose recreates that excitement that tends to get dull and useless. Long commute to work? Leave a few minutes early to take a different route (that’s if your partial to long drives). Sometimes a fresh perspective and new adventure leads to less stress while at work and gets those creative juices flowing again.

Please share your tips or tricks that you find helpful when needing a creative boost! I would love to hear them!!


The Strep Throat Cure

Strep throat. It is one of the worst viruses. Mentally, your ready to take your head off with a crowbar; physically, your throat is on fire with tiny demon bumps that almost sound like they’re laughing at you every time you open your mouth to eat or drink. You’re nauseous, sometimes dizzy and completely exhausted. In my opinion, it’s worse than labor and birth…

Breakdown the Basics

Strep (streptococcus) throat is a bacterial infection that is extremely catching through person-to-person contact. Sneezing, coughing and even talking with a person who may be a carrier of the virus are ways that you can catch strep. Symptoms mimic a common cold at first but then gradually get worse as you begin notice swollen tonsils and red hard and sore bumps on the back of your throat. If it continues to go untreated, you might experience extreme nausea or vomiting and fatigue. Your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic that will usually clear the virus in 3 to 7 days. Unfortunately, for most people (myself included) the virus usually returns 2-3 months later. According to Dr Alvarez (my local doctor in the state of Florida), this is because the body builds up a resistance to penicillin after a while and it’s effect is of no use to the body anymore. How do you combat this? Well, easy.

The Formula

So, I was driving home from work and the symptoms just multiplied. I had heard about this concoction from a friend who’s husband is a naturalistic doctor. Well, it turns out that there can be 3 reason why I am getting this over and over again:

1) The consistent usage of antibiotics for a quick fix

2) Someone in my immediate reach is a carrier of the strep virus

3) My immune system sucks

Hard to believe but I blame my poor eating habits during the last month. So, here’s what I made!:

1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

5 crushed garlic cloves

honey to taste

a large wedge of lemon.

And I just kept filling the glass with purified water every 2 to 3 hours as needed. By Sunday night, one side of my throat had completely cleared up and by Monday afternoon, the entire virus was gone.  So, I swear by this amazing concoction!

What types of detox drinks do you make when your ill?



What Makes YOU Tick!?



When was the last time you thought, “Boy, I wish I could just stay home from work today.” Everyday, right?! For us moms and dads, our work is never done. We never stop moving, planning, preparing and being driven to provide for our family. It never ends! This is never a bad thing, just a tedious one. If you don’t realize this now, you will drive yourself crazy. Moms and Dads, your life is just as precious!! Your goals are attainable, your work is always noticed and you CAN make time for yourself! This goes for the busy student and anyone that just wants a change also!!

Point being, I want to share another strategy that has worked for me (through trial and error, of course). After beating myself over the head with the same old routine for several months of my writing career at home, I finally convinced myself to brainstorm what I needed to do to meet these goals so I don’t waste anymore time. Here is what I came up with (this does not just apply to writers, it applies to anyone that has a passion for something).

What’s Your Passion

Do you enjoy the medical field? Do you enjoy dog walking or pet sitting? Cleaning houses? Driving the elderly to meet doctors appointments? Being a nanny? Photographing people, places and things? The list goes on! Find what it is that you would like to actually do full time, and write down all that you know about that topic of interest (this helped me a lot!).

Take Action

Once you have your list of details that accompany your craft, here are a list of resources that will help you put the peddle to metal:

VistaPrint: VistaPrint is an affordable way to get your business started on a budget. Once you get to the site, search for generic business cards and let your creativity do the designing! You can get 100 cards for a very reasonable amount too. Deck them out to however you want your clientele to see your business. You can have post cards, posters and mugs made up as well! Have a direction before you start printing! Once you see your cards with your very own signature design, it’s the greatest feeling in the world!

Education Portal: Depending on your craft, you may or may not need any schooling or certification but it always helps! Anyone can benefit from a marketing/business lesson, for example. That’s where Education Portal comes in handy! I have used it (and still do!) for several different curriculum’s in conjunction with my schooling. EP is website that students have put together for people like you and me that want to learn and further their understand in certain areas. The best part is that you can track your progress and the credits that you earn can be applied to real colleges if you chose to further your education elsewhere! Just sign up (it’s free!) and chose your subject! The site gets a little overwhelming to navigate so if you have any trouble, you can message me or ask an adviser on this site (they usually have a CONTACT tab at the end of the page and takes a few days to respond). The instructors help you learn in a fun and humorous way, making learning a little easier!

Sit Back And Relax

Rome wasn’t built in a day they say…Neither is your career!! Perfect your craft by taking at least 10 to 20 minutes at each night (or whenever free time is possible) and learn and even ask questions about how you can further your knowledge and understanding in your field. If you want to dog sit, research other dog sitters in your area, find out what they charge, what they do and how they tick! This will give you a great idea of what you need to do (or not do). And spend time with your fam (or the furry members of your fam)!

Any questions? Comments? Please let me know!! Your advice is always welcomed!