Engage, Entice, Exist: 3 Ways to Stand Out

When I first started out as a freelance writer, I dabbled in many genres-from health and fitness to real estate and, well, plumbing! Most of this ended in failure because I was so new that I had thrown all of my eggs into one basket each time the basket was passed to me. But like many other successful freelancer writers in my clique, I never gave up, just gained mounds of exprience that I still find pretty useful today. I learned from Carol Tice, a brilliant freelancer and entrepreneur who was/is on-point about basically anything freelance related. If you get the chance to take a workshop or two, she really gives you more bang for your buck. She is accompanied by inspiring assitants and helpful bottom-liners that will encourage you along the way. You do not need to be an aspiring writer, as I found her tutorials to be of universal help.

Before we go into the meat and potatoes, let’s devour a few appetisers, shall we?

What are you passionate about (i.e. caretaking, children, petsitting, coffee, cleaning teeth, comfortable footwear, etc;) ?

Have you done any research (in your geographical area, web search, general info)?

These questions will help you determine what you want from your job(s). You may find yourself straying in a completely different direction or hating the orignial idea altogether but you will have an idea, on paper, and in your fore-front. So, start there.


Experienced or not, you know what you love to do, and more importantly, what you do best. Flaunt it. Wear it like your favorite outfit and expect compliments, expect questions and be ready to answer, engage, and offer. Your passion is your name badge, not just a decal on your bumper. Be your own agent. I love when I run into a person who knows their stuff and isn’t afraid to confidently tell me something about it. Engage with your supermarket attendant, your child’s school teachers, church groups, and people walking passed you in the park.


You are not going to win everyone over- and you don’t need to starting thinking that you have to! The right people will be enticed to follow. You can offer them something that they might want and need, but there is no need to convince someone that they need your service, product, etc;. Your love and driving force behind you will entice the right person. I never randomly give out my cards in hopes that i’ll get hired. When they compliment my scent, I have a sample oil ready. When they ask what I do, I tell them that I make their business stand out among the rest. done and done:)


I have come across many freelancers who have steady clients and when they take on new clients, their existance with their old-timers tend to dwindle, lack communication, or maybe isn’t as important. This isn’t saying that we don’t care about our faithful firstcomers, but the excitement of newbies takes over and we tend to pay more attention.

Don’t do this. Give every client the same attention, especially your current clients. Exist to be a part of their world (oh, Disney, you had me there) and offer to get to know them better and better each month/year.What works for me is taking a monthly phone chat with my clients, checking up to see how they’re doing, and just catching up with thier lives. You’re not bugging them, you’re helping them. They’ve hired you to be their hawk, persay. They are entrusting a piece of them with you. A monthly check-up call is the perfect way to show you care and to simply exist.

 When you’re ready to make your passion your life, you will have plenty of options to perfect your craft. If you have any questions or want to share your freelance experience, please do in the comments below! 






Full Moon Frenzy

Someone back me on this ‘Full Moon Craziness’ because no matter what scientific research I find, it’s all debunked, but I feel that every full moon has something to do with the levels of water in the body. I love writing, and I couldn’t believe that the last two days of the is ‘full moon’, I had absolutely no inspiration, i was feeling depressed, and completely out of sorts.

I don’t care, I blame the moon! 😀 SO, I made a Moon Tea.


1 TSP if dried sage
2 TBS of dried Hibiscus flowers
2-4 chrysanthemum flowers

And it worked! I felt instantly relieved and revived, like my old self. I was able to articulate words, and put sentences together with energy and mindfulness. This doesn’t happen often, when I am experiencing a lot of frustration.


If anyone has any info or Insight on this particular, scientific,  full moon Behavior and the effects on the human body, please link it below !!!

5 Wonders of Successful Creative Writing

Whether you’re creating a masterpiece for a client or a novel for your own pleasure, the core of your success comes from your own creative voice through consistent flows of inspiration.
Here are five tips for successful creative writing.
1) View it Differently

Give into the idea that you do need a break from your everyday routine, and take a hike, take a scenic drive, or a relaxing swim. Spend time in another location, and just write.

2) Play with Children

Kids say the darnedest things…and do the darnedest things too! Draw, play on a playground, take your child or godchild out for a walk in the park. Play at the museum, or a library. I believe that every adult learns unique and valuable lessons from every child they interact with. Plus, did you know that spending time with a wee one can reduce everyday stress? I know that when I break from my ‘adult responsibilities’ and take my son to the park and run around with him I am feeling refreshed and energized. image

3) Meditate

Before I had my son, I used to meditate at least 20 minutes prior to my work day. I noticed a huge mental gap when I did not meditate and I had to work an 8 hour shift. As a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur, you kind of have to make time to clear your mind. Meditation can help increase the immune system by allowing your mind to let go of the stress, frustration, anxiety, and depression that you may not know you have. That list goes on! Meditation is for everyone…everyone!

more goodies about meditation here ! http://thecertainonesmagazine.com/the-benefits-of-meditation/
more goodies about meditation here ! http://thecertainonesmagazine.com/the-benefits-of-meditation/

4) Go to the Theater

My brilliant and most amazingly talented cousin has been in the theater since she was old enough to know she could act. I love to attend her plays at our local theater because it gives me a fresh perspective of life around me. I always leave feeling inspired by my favorite character of that play. Going to the theater helps one gain knowledge for new words, lifestyles, and cultures. It also helps you understand different emotions and connections that are portrayed through each skit. Check out some local college theater programs, where students are at their beginnings, and most raw emotional state during their performances.

5) Drive

Shut up and drive! No really 🙂 When I was 19, I would take my forest green ford escort out for a long drive, early in the morning, coffee in hand. I wouldn’t stop until I found just the right spot to pull over and write. It was invigoration, to say the least. I didn’t have a cell phone, a lap top, or any other mentally numbing device to distract me. It was euphoric. I am so glad I allowed myself those moments of fresh inspiration to overtake me, and I had nothing to stop it. Driving without a destination or purpose recreates that excitement that tends to get dull and useless. Long commute to work? Leave a few minutes early to take a different route (that’s if your partial to long drives). Sometimes a fresh perspective and new adventure leads to less stress while at work and gets those creative juices flowing again.

Please share your tips or tricks that you find helpful when needing a creative boost! I would love to hear them!!


I Am More

I began thinking about how trivial everything in life really is if it doesn’t have meaning in a persons life.


Then I thought back to young adult life, so fresh out in the world, no word press app or smart phone to jot notes down- just my beat up ’95 Ford escort, a chilly mid-April morning and the black three ring binder that carried my thoughts.


Then, as I was working on a project for a client, I looked out my window to the most moving,  beautiful grey storm that crept up, reminding me that I was already ‘in it’ before it had arrived. And I read these beautiful quotes that help me remember why I write, if not for my clients, for my solitudes sake.


I am more than who I am, daily: I am a product of my past that contains irreplaceable value.

And so.are.you.


The world is left behind

Did you know that there is a word for that feeling that you get when you jump into cold water?

I was trying to figure out how to be interpreted. There isn’t anything I want more than to be true; to express truthfully, without fillers; without sounding like, ”Ah! yes! i finally figured it out and now i have to let everyone know!”, while covering how I truly feel; without fluffy, extravagant words and complicated sentences. My blog, as stated in my bio, is not intended to do much of anything. If something grabs you, then that’s just two people, having a conversation without ever opening our mouths or connect a gaze, form different parts of this technical world. I say what is on my very thought, when I feel like it’s gone passed the state of insanity. I feel like when I type it, write it or jot it down, it leaves my mind, in a productive manner, whether 1 or 100 individuals read it.

Here’s a random: My love for the world began whilst sitting at a computer in 1996, in my classroom, 6th grade, playing Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? (haha, are you singing the song now, all of my 90’s babies? ;)) I remember zoning into the screen, literally smelling the air of wherever Carmen had ventured. I remember the day and time of day, as I felt that wind of excitement rush through me, the feeling in my blood as I (Carmen) would stop and speak to the locals. Sometimes I would click three or four times on one person or just walk around different areas of the cities, just for fun, forgetting the objective of the game. Then, one vacation to Hershey Park Pennsylvania, I found a pamphlet in a hotel lobby and skimmed through it, my heart and mind flourished with excitement. I was paralyzed in awe of by the sight of Maine. Maine, I thought to myself. There is a place as magical as I had imagined. Then I went home, clueless as to how it all works, and on my land-line phone, I requested info about each town that I thumbed through. One by one, every week I would receive these magazines telling historical stories of the towns and I imagined at least living there once. I was 11.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing. and THAT is exactly why I am typing this. Coffee and an open window, the sound acoustic guitar, strumming a very pleasant tune.

The word for the rush, deep gasp for air in cold water is

Mammalian Diving Reflex